About Us
Where We Started...

Boyne River Pecans is an Australian family owned and operated farming business, located on the banks of the Boyne River, at Mundubbera in the North Burnett region of sunny Queensland (4 hrs north of Brisbane).

Lindsay & Lynne Chicken, moved to the area 13 years ago as 4th generation farmers looking to expand and diversify their core business.  Four years later they found that exact opportunity for diversification, in purchasing a young pecan orchard from a retiring farmer directly next door. Consequently, Boyne River Pecans was born and the family’s new journey began.


Joining their parents, daughter Michelle and son-in-law Boyd, jumped at the chance to return to the family property, grow the business and raise a young family.  This was the perfect opportunity for the young couple to use their tertiary educations in Agricultural Production & Agribusiness and the experience gained from their years of employment away from their family farms. 

Where We Are Today...

Today the farm continues to grow and expand.  Doubling their original pecan production, the property now has approximately 10,000 pecan trees planted over approx. 56 hectares with further plantings planned for 2018 and 2019. The oldest of the orchard trees are nearly 20 years old now and the newest is just 3 years old.  With less than half the orchard only recently reaching maturity, the farms largest crop to date has been 70 tonnes, however this should increase by over 100% in the next 10 years.

Nuts are grown, harvested and shelled in the new processing facility entirely on farm enabling the family to sell the freshest possible product to their customers directly from the farm gate. Their value added confectionery products are handcrafted by some of the best in the business using all farm grown pecans.

Boyne River Pecans also sell large quantities of bulk Nut-in-Shell to other large processors in Queensland.